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What is the Carabella Sponge?

The Ecofriendly, skin friendly, cheaper alternative to facewipes

The Carabella sponge is a double-sided microfibre sponge with a smooth satin edge to remove all makeup without the use of any products. However, the Carabella Sponge is multipurpose. Not only does it remove makeup, it can also be used during the cleansing stage of your skin regime or to remove a facemask.

Is the Carabella Sponge reusable?

The Carabella Sponge is completely reusable and lasts up to 150 washes

(So in theory could last up to 3 years!!)

By using one of these, it replaces approximately 500 makeup wipes. Makeup wipes take approximately 100 years to biodegrade in landfill! I'll let you do the maths on how much money you can save, whilst also saving the planet. 

How do I clean a Carabella Sponge?

Immediately after every use, clean with a small amount of gentle hand soap or face cleanser, lather up and rinse with water, then hang to dry. Also, place your Carabella in a 60° wash every week! (Oh and do not use fabric conditioner, it can leave a layer on the fibres which makes it less effective). Do not put your Carabella in the tumble dryer, air dry only.

How much does a Carabella Sponge cost?

£6.50 for a Single

£10.00 for a Pair

Please note your Carabella Sponge will arrive in a Gold Waterproof Resealable Foil Pouch in which you can store your Carabella for travel e.g. holidays, gym, sleepovers! This will prevent your other belongings from getting wet.

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